Unlocking Your Inner Enterpriser

Helping Midlifers Discover the Entrepreneur Within

The Midlife Enterpriser is an “Entrepreneurship School” designed specifically for mature professionals who are considering launching a venture, be it a passion-project, a side-hustle, a full-time venture or a startup.

Most startup bootcamps, accelerators and entrepreneurship training programs are targeted at the millennials in their mid-twenties who are aspiring early stage or wannabe tech startups or social entrepreneurs.

The Midlife Enterpriser is special as it focuses on helping people typically over the age of 40 to transform their professional experience, vast networks, wisdom and passion into meaningful and sustainable ventures that will solve real problems and create impact.

Our Programmes

BASECAMP : Your Journey Into Venturing

Basecamp, our flagship programme at Midlife Enterpriser, is designed to help unlock your inner enterpriser by helping you to master the art and science of venture creation – the mindsets, skill-sets, and action-sets needed to take an idea into the world to create impact – be it within the organization or as an entrepreneurial venture.

Midlife Enterpriser has brought together over five decades of combined expertise and insights gleaned from seeding, nurturing, educating and mentoring entrepreneurs globally from all stages of their ventures in designing Basecamp.

A meticulously designed programme by passionate, experienced leaders in the field of entrepreneurship development, Basecamp prepares you for your enterprising journey by equipping you with the necessary tools, confidence, and a community of mentors to support you on your climb to success!

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Why Basecamp?

“The process of building a company is like you’re trying to climb Mount Everest, but nobody ever got to the top of Mount Everest without going to Basecamp first.” Vinod Khosla, Co-Founder of Sun Microsystems

Our programme’s name, Basecamp, was inspired by the famous Mount Everest Basecamps, of which there are only two – one on the Nepal side, and the other on the Tibet side of Everest.

Both Basecamps are located at approximately 17,000 feet, posing a considerable challenge for hikers to get to before they even brave the summit. The Basecamp most importantly provides the hikers with the opportunity to test their spirit, contemplate their journey and reflect their reasons for attempting the climb. Basecamp helps to fully prepare the hiker, giving them a glimpse of what is ahead.

Entrepreneurship demands deep life-work experience and knowledge, an agile mind to that is not afraid to be wrong and a willingness to always be learning, the ability to embrace ambiguity and uncertainty and to become better with greater uncertainty and chaos – developing resilience (anti-fragile) and tenacity, much like what is required to scale Everest.

We have designed Basecamp to help you prepare for this amazing journey of venturing!

Program Overview

WEEK 1 - Inquiry
  • Preparing for the Adventure of a Lifetime
  • Self-reflection & Defining Your Terms
WEEK 2 - Problem
  • Defining the Opportunity
  • Discovering the Venture Process
WEEK 3 - Solution
  • Ideating the Solution
  • Innovating, Building and Testing the Prototype
WEEK 4 - Reality
  • Focusing on the Market, Defining the Customers
  • Reality Check, is it worth the effort?
WEEK 5 - Viability
  • How will I Make it All Worthwhile?
  • What’s next?

Who is Basecamp for?


You are established in your career, have a corporate background and keen to further cultivate the mindset and skill-sets of an entrepreneur whether it be to launch your own venture or apply these skills to your current corporate settings.


You have been contemplating the “Next Chapter” of your life and the possibility of starting a side-hustle whilst still working or with the idea of leaving full-time employment to transition into an entrepreneurial journey on a full-time basis.


You have been contemplating the “Next Chapter” of your life and the possibility of starting a side-hustle whilst still working or with the idea of leaving full-time employment to transition into an entrepreneurial journey on a full-time basis.


You want to reinvent yourself. You have always been curious about starting a business. This is a programme for you.

“I have been in the corporate world for more than 25 years. When I stumbled upon this programme I thought it was really amazing that I could actually meet and have powerful conversations with people who are of the same life chapter as me. Everyone should have more entrepreneurial thinking because entrepreneurship means when you do something you have to develop and make an impact on everyone around you.” - Nadiah Tan Abdullah,
HR Corporate Professional & Basecamp Graduate

What are the Key Components of Basecamp?

Basecamp combines key components that are critical to ensuring we deliver a programme that will provide the necessary tools and support to prepare you for success.


Radically practical content and activities designed by entrepreneurship educators and entrepreneurs sharing their depth of knowledge from over 50 years of combined experience.


The action-based learning takes participants from thinking to action at a rapid and practical pace, realistically fitting into the Midlifer’s lifestyle.


A Community of experienced mentors, founders and peers provides support and shares practical insights with you to help guide your entrepreneurial journey.

“Action learning is very much part of Basecamp as entrepreneurship goes no where without action! This programme has not been designed about entrepreneurship but for entrepreneurship so you can make your dreams come alive rather than sit back and waiting for something to happen.” - Dr Shailendra Vyakarnam,
Co-Founder, Midlife Enterpriser

What You Will Achieve at Basecamp

  • “In skating over thin ice, our safety is in our speed.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • “Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.” – YODA
  • Our programmes are based on the world view in which the future is open-ended and shapeable by human action.
  • The world is an uncertain place as the quotes above succinctly suggest.
  • The core of entrepreneurship is about embracing uncertainty.
  • The Midlife Enterpriser programmes aim to help individuals embrace entrepreneurship as a method of acting in the face of uncertainties. The aim is to help people become anti-fragile – benefit from change, complexity and chaos.
  • At Basecamp, participants will learn the process of turning ideas into tangible projects or ventures in a highly uncertain environment.

“I came into Basecamp with a corporate career and no background in entrepreneurship. The programme has changed how I approach my thinking and how I do things tremendously.” - AJ Azlinajamaluddin,

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Basecamp is delivered as a :

  • 5-Week Program
  • 2 two-hour sessions/week
  • via live online classroom

Eligibility :
Basecamp is open to Midlife Professionals anywhere in the world, with 15 years or more of career experience.

Program Fees :
Program Fees for Basecamp are RM5,500 (USD1,350)

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