1. What is Midlife Enterpriser and How did it Begin?

Midlife Enterpriser began when the Founders saw the need for a program to help Midlifers embark on their entrepreneurial journeys. While most programmes are typically aimed at 20-somethings, Midlife Enterpriser helps those who are at a later stage in both career and life to both feel comfortable amongst like-minded peers and leverage off their experience, networks and strengths to develop ideas and launch ventures.

2. Who is eligible for the Basecamp?

The Basecamp Programme has been designed for Midlife participants who are typically 40-65 years old and have management / corporate leadership experience and are interested in creating impact and becoming more enterprising whether launching their own venture or applying their new skill-set to their corporate environment. However, even if you are below 40 and above 65, this programme is flexible and could be the perfect fit for you!

3. How will the Basecamp Programme really help me?

With over 50-years combined experience, the Founders of Midlife Enterpriser will give you hands-on, interactive and fast-paced learning that fits into your already busy schedule. Peer-support, experienced mentors, and actionable tools and content will equip you with the necessary mind- and skill-sets and confidence to develop your idea, design and launch your venture.

4. How can I join the Basecamp programme?

To apply to Basecamp, submit your registration through midlifeenterpriser.com. The Selection Committee reviews all applications and will contact the candidates who meet all eligibility requirements with letters of acceptance.

5. Is this programme open to any nationality?

Basecamp sessions are held online and are live, interactive classes every Monday and Thursday at 8:30pm MYT (GMT/UTC+8) for 2 hours per session. Participants may live anywhere in the world, however, must confirm that they will be able to attend live classes and discussions, regardless of their time zone.

6. What is required to participate in the programme?

To participate in Basecamp, you will need a laptop/computer that has a working camera and microphone and a stable internet connection to allow you to participate in the live Zoom sessions.

7. What are my weekly commitments during the programme?

Accepted Basecamp Participants are expected to participate in the 2 weekly sessions of 2-hours each throughout the 5-week programme. You will be expected to do approximately 2 – 3 hours of reading and working on your idea/venture plan per week during the programme. Participants are expected to take part in discussions and to present their project during the final week of Basecamp. There is also an Orientation session one week prior to Basecamp that participants should attend in order to fully maximise their programme experience.

8. Do I have to attend the entire programme?

While we understand commitments may get in the way, participants are expected to join all sessions, discussions and complete their project work to successfully complete the Basecamp Programme.

9. Must I have a business idea to participate in the programme?

You do not need to already have a business idea to be selected and participate in Basecamp. You will have opportunity for self-reflection and to develop an idea during the programme.

10. If I do have a venture idea, will Basecamp be appropriate for me?

If you have only just started and are a first-time entrepreneur you may well find value in gaining thinking time on your motivations, purpose and how to validate our idea, with the help of mentors. We are going to launch a Scale-up Programme later in 2021 and that may be more appropriate and there may also be local sources of advice and support you can use to help you get under way.

11. Must I start my own venture?

You are not required to launch a venture. Basecamp will help you develop the skills, knowledge, confidence and maturity that can be applied to what they may do for the next phase of life/career.

12. Will I have access to the teachers?

All sessions will be small and interactive with the teachers. The programme also includes two one-to-one mentoring sessions with the teachers/founders.

13. Can my family member or friend join the sessions?

Each participant needs to be uniquely available on the live calls. Classes are not lecture/seminar format, so family/friends will not benefit from attending. Individual participants will be expected to interact in discussions during classes, and therefore should be present and focused.

14. What are all the fees for the programme?

Total programme fees are RM5500 (approx. US$1350) and this includes 2 sessions per week; specific readings, programme materials, pitch deck templates and two mentoring sessions over the course of the programme.

15. What language is the programme conducted in?

Basecamp is conducted fully in English.

16. Will I earn a Certificate?

Graduates of Basecamp will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.